Hire SEO Expert

Hire SEO ExpertDo You Really Need To Hire A SEO Expert?

While the basic concept of SEO has been in existence since the mid 90’s, the tactical approach to the subject has evolved massively in the last half a decade or so. Now more than ever, experts are constantly devising new technique that aim to help webmasters and business owners rank as high in search engine rankings as possible.

What was once the domain of the Internet geeks is now a territory that is treaded by the vast majority and if you are running a business in such a competitive online environment then you undeniably need any help that you can get. It’s no surprise then that a lot of businesses are hiring SEO experts to boost their online presence and drive more traffic than ever to their websites and online stores.

Why hire a SEO expert?

The difference between employing the services of a SEO expert and not doing is like treating an illness at home and going to a doctor. Sure, at times you’ll be able to cure yourself using over the counter medicines, however to get really healthy in a short amount of time, it’s imperative that you visit a specialist doctor. A certified SEO consultant knows what he or she is doing much better than you will, were you to do it all by yourself.

For example, Search engines like Google keep tweaking their algorithm and rolling out new updates in order to make their services as user friendly as possible. For webmasters and online businesses however, this means that if you are not up to the mark with not just the design but with the quality of your site’s content, you will very likely take a hit that will see your domain drop drown the rankings. That’s perhaps one of the worse things that can happen to your website and considering the fact that Google has often rolled out more than 500 updates in a calendar year, the importance of efficient search engine optimization is higher than ever in the present moment.

When you employ a SEO consultant, the chances of this happening are much less as not only is a qualified expert in touch with all the latest happenings in the SEO market, he or she will also know how to avoid any unwanted occurrence as a result of a change in search engine algorithms. Rather than deal with such things all by yourself, it’s much better you have a SEO expert with years of experiences dealing with it for you.

Hiring a SEO expert also gives you a lot more free time that can be spent on running your website or online business. You have got to ask yourself- How much is time worth? Is it worth getting more of, it if I pay someone else to SEO for me? Especially when a certified SEO expert can get much results for you, providing you not just more time, but better return for your money. Just because you might understand the generic concept of Search Engine Optimization does not mean that you can go ahead and do it all by yourself.

A good SEO expert will also save you from making any drastic mistakes that can be detrimental in the long wrong. For example, if you make a quick search for SEO techniques, it will yield a long list and ‘how to’ guides on many different ways by which you can get your website ranking high. Unfortunately many of those techniques are considered ‘black hat’ by Google- meaning that their use, while mildly beneficial in the short term can lead to much stringent circumstances (aka the famous Google slap) causing a massive drop in the rankings. A SEO expert saves you from making any such mistakes while ensuring that the elements of design and content strictly adhere to search engine policies and guidelines.

Doing SEO yourself also means that you will have to spend a considerable amount of money on software tools that will be used in the process. Many of these specialized tools and services can cost many thousand dollars per year to use. When you employ a SEO expert on the other hand, he or she has access to these already, thereby relieving you of the obligation to spend extra money on them. What’s better? Paying a fortune for SEO tools that you will take a while to learn and use optimally? Or paying a nominal fee to a professional who knows these tools already and can get you results in a swift manner?

With that being said, SEO however is not a magic trick. There are times when it does not work as you expected. For instance, in highly competitive niches like health and insurance, it takes a 6 figure SEO budget to see a front page ranking in the SERPs. Nonetheless, hiring a SEO expert means that not only is there a very high chance of drastically improved website performance but you also have a way of gaining precious ground over your competitors- a role that can easily be reversed against you in case you are not employing the services of a SEO expert.

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